Welcome to ~Anime on Ice~ where Diane and Sabina are on a mission to create anime adaptations on ice!

Translating meaningful messages from anime shows and music into performances that figure skating fans can also ponder and enjoy

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From solo competitor in her teenage years to president of the MIT Figure Skating Club during college to manager of the SF Ice Theatre's adult team now, Diane values figure skating for its athleticism, artistry, and ability to bring people together. She appreciates that anime can address uncomfortable but meaningful topics to inspire reflection on ourselves, society, and humanity. Bringing skating and anime together, Diane is excited to share slices of life through “Anime on Ice” and hopes it spreads empathy across different cultures and communities.


Sabina enjoys expressing herself through the creative arts. She views anime as another means to explore more difficult societal topics in a constructive and meaningful way. Fascinated with learning about how technology and the human imagination can empower each other, she loves working on projects that bring ideas from anime to life via designing, tinkering, and storytelling. Sabina hopes that “Anime on Ice” can be a creative medium not only to tell her own stories, but also to connect with the hearts and souls of the people around her.

Special thanks to the MIT Figure Skating Club for fostering a remarkably supportive and inclusive community and for hosting all of the events at which we had the privilege of showcasing our creations.

Our ~Anime on Ice~ Programs

Sharing the behind-the-scenes about our creative process and inspirations...

  1. Friend A

    Friend A • Your Lie in April

    true friendship

    Friendships come and go, each shaping us in different ways. Some leave us with fond memories, others with tough lessons. Perhaps the most special friend is the one who lifts us up during our darkest hours. Diane and Sabina express a friendship built not only on fun and happy moments, but also on supporting each other through difficult times.

  2. Unravel

    Unravel • Tokyo Ghoul

    self-doubt & self-acceptance

    We have all, at some point in our lives, experienced self-discovery and self-doubt. We seek answers to our inner thoughts and emotions, learn things about ourselves that we are initially afraid to believe, and hopefully come to embrace a truer version of ourselves. Diane and Sabina journey on the oftentimes scary, yet invigorating path towards self-acceptance.

  3. History Makers

    History Makers • Yuri!!! on Ice


    Ananya, Cydney, Diane, Flora, Kylie, Liz, Maya, Mickey, Sabina, Sarah, Shawn, and Tetsuya make history together by showcasing their individual signature moves, teaming up for awesome lifts and spirals, and hyping up the crowd. Figure skating is more fun as a team and with a community!

  4. Nirvana

    Nirvana • Noragami

    pursuit of happiness

    In the grind of everyday life, expectations and uncertainty weigh us down. Sometimes they overwhelm us so much that we can't enjoy life for fear of disappointing ourselves and the people we care about. Diane and Sabina find moments of bliss in the face of doubt and anxiety by learning to appreciate the present despite worries for the future.

  5. Gate of Steiner

    Gate of Steiner • Steins;Gate

    time & choice

    Do our choices still matter when we cannot change the outcome? When time moves forward relentlessly? Although the future seems set in stone, there may be meaningful choices to make that shape our feelings and memories around whatever fate we meet. Diane navigates the choices, or the lack thereof, that life presents.

  6. Moral Impasse

    Moral Impasse • Psycho-Pass

    conflict & judgment

    We each view the world through our own lenses, shaped by our personal experiences and the stories we hear. Is there a universal moral compass that we can use to judge others and ourselves, or are we doomed to face conflict when we meet people too different from us? Diane and Sabina explore the difficulty of understanding and accepting one another.

  7. Moments

    Moments • Clannad


    Change is inevitable and sometimes tough to cope with. How can we enjoy what we have now when we know it will be gone in the future? Diane hopes to find the strength to appreciate the small moments that we share with people in our lives now, even if, or perhaps because, they may one day leave us behind.


Behind-the-scenes content is coming soon for the rest of our programs!
In the meantime, enjoy these previews that link to videos of our performances.